It is necessary to understand the four major misunderstandings of the LCD splicing screen.
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With the rapid development of information technology, the maturity of LCD splicing technology, the cost of LCD splicing products is also constantly decreasing, and the use of splicing screens is becoming more and more extensive. When users use LCD splicing screens, it is often easy to cause malfunctions due to some bad habits. Today, I will share with you the four misunderstandings of users using LCD splicing screens:


When the LCD splicing screen fails, many users will make a common common problem - self-proclaimed to open the LCD splicing screen. Although the power consumed by the LCD splicing screen is very small, the voltage of the internal transformer is still very high, and the instantaneous voltage is very high for a period of time after the power is turned off. Therefore, if the user arbitrarily advocates disassembling the LCD splicing screen, there is a certain danger, and it is easy to damage the internal components.



In the LCD splicing screen system, the background illuminator is the only component in the entire system that will be gradually consumed. After using the splicing screen for a period of time, the brightness of the screen will gradually decrease, and even a dark situation may occur, which means that the splicing screen is damaged. Usually, we only need to replace the lighting to solve the problem. 



Many users can't change the bad habit of using the finger when using the LCD splicing screen. For the LCD splicing products, it is the most taboo to touch and point at will: the screen of the splicing screen is more delicate, and the nails are slightly inadvertent. It will leave scratches or stains on the screen, and it will be more difficult to clean up. The most important thing is that if you accidentally touch the screen of the splicing screen, the consequences are unimaginable.



Finally, warmly remind the user: LCD splicing screen is not a traditional display device. When the product has a problem, the user must not repair it by himself. It is best to contact the after-sales personnel to provide on-site service. In short, do not use the bad habit of using other traditional display devices on the LCD splicing screen when using the splicing screen.


As the main product of the high-end display market, LCD splicing screens bring new solutions for security monitoring in the fields of transportation, energy, finance, urban security, etc., which meet the application functions of industry users for signal access and multi-screen display. 

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