LCD splicing screen promotes monitoring market development
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In today's digital display devices, LCD splicing screen display devices have become the mainstream of the market. The digitalization process of video surveillance systems combined with digital LCD splicing screen display devices has become the main use method in the field of security monitoring, LCD flat panel display of video surveillance walls. Completely become the main trend of the display system.

The video surveillance system is an important part of the security protection system of each unit. It is widely used in many occasions because of its intuitive, accurate, timely and rich information content. In recent years, with the rapid development of computer, network and image processing and transmission technology, video display technology has also made great progress in the continuous development of video technology, from CRT analog display technology to DLP, PDP plasma, LED LCD digital display technology, from the heavy and thick screen structure to the thin and flat panel display device, its ultra-thin, lightweight features, compared with the low price advantage of other digital display devices, it can be quickly promoted and applied.


       In the field of security monitoring systems, liquid crystal display devices have taken the lead in replacing the plasma display devices with their excellent color performance, high image quality, low energy consumption and long life.

       The seamless splicing technology of the LCD splicing screen is to use each unit as an independent splicing processing system, input a complete signal and control signal, and each unit processes it by itself, thus ensuring that the signal amount to be processed by each unit body is small and sufficient. Ensure the clarity of the image and the smoothness of the video. In terms of monitors and large-screen splicing walls, DLP and LED LCD splicing screens have always been difficult to distinguish, each with its own unique advantages, and this pattern may change rapidly in the future.


       The large-screen splicing display wall has always been a necessary terminal for video surveillance systems. Its large field of view and stable display performance provide real-time scene images for the surveillance system. The LCD splicing display has a long life of more than 60,000 hours. Most of the display equipment in the security monitoring system industry is working 24 hours a year. Therefore, the DLP projection bulb as a consumable is the reason for the high maintenance cost.

       LED LCD splicing screen has low energy consumption, long life and high-definition characteristics, and it is favored in the field of security monitoring systems. Judging from the current application trend in the Chinese market, it has become a trend to use LED LCD splicing screens and large screens to establish monitoring and command systems in important parts such as key transportation, transportation hubs and large venues. Especially in the field of security monitoring systems, LED LCD splicing large screen system splicing wall is gradually replacing the traditional CRT, DLP splicing wall, becoming the priority successor of professional security monitoring splicing large screen.

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