There is an indispensable LED display behind the campus culture construction.
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The construction of smart campus has become a trend and trend. LED display screens can provide multi-level intelligent services for modern campus construction with its graphic and propaganda methods and flexible display methods. It is widely used in the creation of smart campuses. The high-end atmosphere and the colorful LED display are becoming standard equipment for kindergartens, primary schools, middle schools and university campuses.


Recently, the outdoor P5 and P4 two-color full-color LED display screens produced by Jiangsu Liangcai Electronics Co., Ltd. for Taizhou Middle School were successfully completed, and the installation and commissioning was completed. The color of the large screen is evenly mixed and the picture quality is clear, which has won the praise of customers.

The colorful full-color display with colorful and colorful content replaces the unchanging banner slogan, which not only saves energy but also revitalizes the vitality and vitality. It becomes the best window for the school image display, allowing teachers and students to feel the strong campus culture atmosphere. . LED full-color display can not only display the campus events, student style, etc., but also timely disseminate campus dynamics and improve the intelligent service level of the campus.


This project is located in Taizhou Middle School, Jiangsu Province. Taizhou Middle School, founded in 1902 in Taizhou, was founded in 1902 by the well-known educator of the Song Dynasty. It is a century-old school with a long history, profound cultural heritage and excellent school-running tradition. It is one of the 100 well-known middle schools in China. The school has a strong faculty and is a school-trained “Ming Li Da”. It is a national-level demonstration high school, a key middle school in Jiangsu Province, and a four-star high school in Jiangsu Province.


Since its establishment ten years ago, Jiangsu Liangcai has been deeply cultivating the LED industry, reshaping the optical culture with technology and design, constantly innovating, extending the industrial chain, realizing the diversification, differentiation and value maximization of products in the industrial chain. Really strong and excellent. Adhere to the customer's good price, do a good heart screen, truly provide customers with the most practical products, truly let customers buy happy, with confidence.


Jiangsu Liangcai has also been giving back to the support of new and old customers with a grateful heart. In the future, Jiangsu Liangcai will continue to work hard to bring more surprises to customers. Our mission is to provide customers with quality products and services; to create a harmonious work and life for employees; to contribute to the creation of a green environment for society.

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