Smart big screen takes you to watch the game and gives you "good looking"
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Recently, the P4 full-color LED display in the Wujin Vocational Center School Gymnasium was officially lighted. This is the second LED display project installed by Jiangsu Liangcai Electronics Co., Ltd. in the school. The picture is realistic, high refresh, high gray level, standardization, etc. It is one of the hot selling and superior products of Jiangsu Liangcai display. The Jiangsu Liangcai team has continuously improved product excellence and improved after-sales service to ensure the perfect delivery of every display installation project.

The advantage of this screen is that it can be remotely controlled and easy to operate. With the wide use of LED displays, high-precision, high-density, high-definition small-pitch LED displays have become more and more popular, and have become one of the high-definition products that current customers are favored.


It is also the hardworking and sincere service attitude of Jiangsu Liangcai people that has won the trust of customers. The continuous recognition of old customers is our biggest driving force. Jiangsu Liangcai will continue to work hard to provide customers with better products and services.


Since its establishment ten years ago, Jiangsu Liangcai has been deeply cultivating the LED industry, reshaping the optical culture with technology and design, constantly innovating, extending the industrial chain, realizing the diversification, differentiation and value maximization of products in the industrial chain. Really strong and excellent. Adhere to the customer's good price, do a good heart screen, truly provide customers with the most practical products, truly let customers buy happy, with confidence.

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