Exhibition DAY 1 | Jiangsu Liangcai at LED CHINA 2018
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2018 Shanghai International LED Exhibition,

Old place - Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center,

We are waiting for you!

Booth coordinates: E1-B58a

The exhibition has started, in progress...

Opening time: 2018/09/19

Closing time: 2017/09/21


In the booth, there have been many international friends coming to consult. The LED+3D screen products on the live demonstration are also very popular, and they all stop to watch.


Jiangsu Liangcai has been improving product quality and customer service level through technological innovation and scientific management of products for many years. While deepening the LED industry, it has re-invented the optical culture with technology and design, constantly innovating, extending the industrial chain and realizing the industry. Diversification, differentiation and value maximization of products on the chain will make the company stronger and better.


Technology is dotted around the world, creating a harmonious future.

Jiangsu Liangcai invites domestic and foreign people to visit the exhibition!

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