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2018 China Gaoyou Outdoor Lighting Expo, based on the street lamp manufacturing base in China—Gaoqiao Town, Gaoyou City, positioning as an outdoor lighting exhibition, LED lighting exhibition, to become an important platform for the display and promotion of outdoor lighting products, becoming a new outdoor lighting product, new Technology, new craftsmanship, and street lighting exchanges.


            New, stylish, smart, boutique, diversified outdoor lighting business platform


2018 China Gaoyou Outdoor Lighting Expo will present the latest developments and trends of the current outdoor lighting industry with the theme of diversity, fashion, intelligence, and quality products. It will seek to establish an outdoor lighting industry trading platform, trade platform, and display the development achievements of the industry while seeking exhibitors Cooperation, expansion of markets, and development of innovations provide the best opportunities. It also creates an excellent trading platform for dealers/agents who are willing to represent outdoor lighting brands.

            Illuminate the Belt and Road to promote industrial development and transformation


The exhibition will continue to run through the upper, middle and lower reaches of the outdoor lighting industry, as well as terminal applications. The detailed, accurate organization of street lighting systems, municipalities, gardens, planning institutes/design institutes, real estate, engineering companies, industrial and mining companies, etc. The department came to visit and at the same time worked hard to open up purchases for overseas buyers, especially buyers from related countries in the Belt and Road. 2018 China Gaoyou Outdoor Lighting Fair will focus on industry integration, cross-border integration, innovation and development, and promote the international development and transformation of outdoor lighting industry.

Sincerely invite

2018 China Gaoyou Outdoor Lighting Expo

Time: 25-28 March 2018

Location: Guoji China Streetlight City, Jiaqiao Town, Gaoyou City, Northern Outskirts of Yangzhou City

Booth number: A039

At that time, Jiangsu Liangcai products will make a great appearance, so stay tuned!

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