More than one! Jiangsu Liangcai won the “Technical Innovation Award” and “Outstanding Contribution Award” 2017 of Changzhou Semiconductor Lighting Industry Technology Innovation Alliance
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On the afternoon of March 28th, the Changzhou Semiconductor Lighting Industry Technology Innovation Alliance held the 2018 Annual Meeting at the Grand Hotel of Jiuzhou. The theme of the conference was: Driven by Innovation, Bright Future. Wang Guangbao, Vice Chairman of the Municipal Association for Science and Technology, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Yang Yusheng, executive vice chairman of the Alliance, presided over the meeting.


In this meeting, Jiangsu Liangcai won two certificates issued by the Changzhou Semiconductor Lighting Industry Technology Innovation Alliance. This privilege is an affirmation and encouragement for Jiangsu Liangcai, who has the courage to innovate, has outstanding performance, and actively participates in alliance activities. In the new year, he will make greater contributions to the development of the alliance.

Deputy secretary of the beam awarded the "Technology Innovation Award"

Zhou Zhiren gives the "Outstanding Contribution Award"

Yang Yusheng, executive vice chairman of the league presided over the meeting


Zhou Wenlong, Director of the League, makes a work report


In his report, Chairman Zhou briefed the work of 2017 on the basis of retrospective analysis, from setting positive examples to promoting harmonious development, adhering to the characteristics of the coalition, holding a forum for managers, interpreting standards and norms, cultivating and optimizing the industrial development environment, and strengthening the awareness of active participation. , to play a role in bridge ties and other 10 aspects. At the same time, the work of the alliance in 2018 was deployed and emphasized.

Deputy secretary-general beam read the decision to recruit experts from expert committees


Dr. Chen Xiaolu, who has hired Hyundai Mobis North American R&D Center, is an expert on the Expert Committee of the Alliance


Awards to newly joined member units


Wang Xie, Vice President of the Association for Science and Technology



The Vice President of the City Association for Science and Technology, Mr. Wang, fully affirmed the work of the Alliance in 2017 and put forward hopes for the work of 2018:

First, we must grasp the general trend, high-end positioning semiconductor lighting industry development path, invite experts to interpret the national "13th Five-Year" development plan for semiconductor lighting industry and "Jiangsu Province to accelerate the development of semiconductor lighting industry, implementation of" and other related documents, grasp the trend, grasp Live opportunities, accurately locate the development path, and promote the development of LED industry in Changzhou.

The second is to collaborate on innovation, focus highly on the core technology of the semiconductor lighting industry, and conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi’s “Development is the number one priority, talent is the first resource, and innovation is the primary driving force”. Deepen cooperation between member companies and further enhance market competitiveness.

The third is to open the doorway, effectively create a semiconductor lighting industry development environment, and more contact with government departments, and more cooperation with the large courtyard, with domestic and foreign leading enterprises to communicate more and more interaction with the majority of users to create a good environment for development.

The fourth is to optimize the mechanism and build a high-level semiconductor lighting industry service platform. The alliance must rely on the City Science Association promotional platform to increase the promotion of member companies, continue to do a good job site, QQ work group, WeChat public number, timely delivery of LED industry technology information Information on the latest scientific and technological achievements at home and abroad, and actively exploring and innovating operational mechanisms to build and build more effective industrial service platforms.

Chairman Wang also suggested on behalf of the City Association for Science and Technology to set up an industry association for science and technology as soon as possible, relying on the advantages of the Association for Science and Technology, academics, platforms, and talents to better serve the general public.

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