Indispensable collocation, LED display to help colorful events
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With the vigorous development of the sports industry and the increasing popularity of the national fitness campaign, our company has used years of display production strength and construction experience, combined with the growing needs of sports users, to create a set of functions, good compatibility, and scalability. Strong sports dedicated display system.

Xinghua City National Fitness Center Gymnasium LED full color P4 display is designed, produced and installed by Jiangsu Liangcai Electronics Co., Ltd. The engineer rushed to the site and completed the installation in the shortest possible time.

        In recent years, the love relationship between LED and sports has not only grown across the border, but with the trend of sports and the slow technology sense that LED itself has shown, LED display has gained more development. It seems that there are events where there are LED displays. Whether it is a large-screen live broadcast, or the use of a score screen on a strip screen, or a fence screen next to a green screen, the wonderfulness of LED displays is everywhere.

In the future, this high-definition large-screen display of the exciting events will become the most beautiful scenery in the venue! Whether it is a live broadcast of an event, a slow-motion replay, close-ups, or a preview of a game preview, commercial advertisement, or venue landscape, Jiangsu Liangcai’s large-screen display can be perfectly delivered to the audience. The scene was extremely visual feast.

Jiangsu Liangcai has always forgotten its early years, sticking to its main business, innovating continuously, extending the industrial chain, realizing the diversification, differentiation and value maximization of products on the industrial chain, and making the company stronger and better.


While deepening the LED industry, we are remolding Guangxian Culture with technology and design. Bright Color System will combine LED+Graphene, LED+3D, LED+AR, LED+VR, LED+Smart Streetlight, LED+Smart Display with Big Data, and will create a Bright Color Smart Board as a Guangxian Cultural Service Provider. Winning recognition with quality, winning trust with services, returning society and investors with excellent performance, becoming a leading brand in the LED industry.

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